Getting Started with Math Composer

Adding a Grid

Many times in math documents we want to include a grid or coordinate plane. This page will outline some of the things that might help you as you first start. The links in this page direct you to more detailed descriptions of certain objects or procedures that are mentioned.

Every time you want to add a new grid to your project you will need to use the Figure Editor.
Here are some helpful hints and tips for when you are first starting to work with grids.

For each grid you want to add to your document, you need to open up a new Figure Editor box.

To do this, select Figure from the Insert Object drop down menu located on the main Composer toolbar.

A Figure editor box like the one to the right will open up.

You will need to make the Grid Visible.

From the Grid Menu, select Grid Visible.




The default grid is a 10x10 coordinate plane with the origin in the center.
However you can change the number of columns, number of rows, the increment the numbers count by, the font, the labels for the x and y axis, whether the origin is centered or offset, whether you show gridlines or not, whether the gridlines are solid or dotted, etc..�� To change any of the grid properties select Edit Grid from the Grid Menu and the Grid Properties box will open up. Find out about the Grid Properties.

Check out how to align points on your grid.






Add the Grid you just created to your document.
Once you are done creating your grid, simply close the Figure Editor by clicking on the in the top right hand corner of the Figure Editor and the grid will now appear on the Composer screen.

You can always go back and edit any grid.
All you have to do to change any figure that is already in your document is Double Click on it. When you do, the Figure Editor with your figure in it will re-open and you can make your desired changes. After you finish your editing, click on the in the top right hand corner of the Figure Editor. The Figure Editor will close and then your newly edited figure will replace the old one on the Composer screen.

Want to make it easier to line all of your grids/figures up neatly on the page? You can choose to Align figures.


Getting Started with Math Composer