Figures and Diagrams


You can create line segments, lines, and rays. For each of these you get to choose the color, the line width, the length, etc. You can also choose from solid, dotted, or dashed lines.


You can create points of different sizes, colors, and shapes (circular, diamond, square, triangle).

Using the points and lines you can create any type of polygons. Fill in your polygon with the type of shading and color you prefer.


Attach a couple lines together and make an angle. Choose the type of angle, as well as the color and size and angle number. You can also label the angle.





Number Lines
You can create horizontal or vertical number lines. Choose the increment you are counting by as well as the spacing between increments and the number of increments.   Add lines or points to the line to create inequalities on the # lines






Circles and Arcs
Create circles and arcs. Attach lines to the circles to create chords, radii, or diameters. 




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