On this page you can download a free trial version of Math Composer so that you may evaluate it before purchasing. The trial version is the full version of the software but it is limited to 30 days and a "Trial" watermark appears over printed and exported documents. 

After you download Math Composer be sure to visit our getting started page for the latest tips and tutorials.

If you already own a copy of Math Composer, click here to check for updates.

Download Math Composer Trial
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Minimum Requirements

  • Pentium® 350Mhz/equivalent processor or faster

  • 128 MB of RAM

  • 20 MB of free disk space

  • 800x600 resolution

  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/Win 7

The Mac Operating System is not supported and their are are no plans to support it in the future.

Enter the directory on the computer where you saved the mathcomposer.exe file and click it. This action will open the installation wizard. Please follow the installation instructions that will appear on the screen. At the end of the installation, you may need to restart your computer. After the installation is complete, in order to run the program click on the Math Composer shortcut that will appear on the desktop.  If you have any questions or problems you can contact us on the support page.

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