Frequently Asked Questions

Receive error when creating or editing a graph in the Graph Add-on in Windows 7?
There is a patch available to fix this. Click here.

The Graph Add-on will not save any changes to Width and Style properties set in a dropdown box even after applying a pacth prior to January 2017?
There is a patch available to fix this. Click here.

Why do I get this error when trying to open a project file: "Unable to open file. File was saved in a newer version (xxx)?
Files saved in a newer version of Math Composer may not work on older versions.  Make sure you have the newest version of Math Composer.  Visit the update page.

Why do dotted lines appear solid?
This occurs only in older operating systems: Windows 95/98/Me.  Windows NT/2000/XP handle dotted lines correctly.

Why won't Math Composer let me edit certain objects?
If an object is an imported picture it cannot be edited. 

Why does shading appear transparent on the screen but opaque when printed?
Different printer drivers handle shading differently.  I am currently investigating this issue.

Can I do a "silent installation" with Math Composer?
Yes, for a completely silent install use: mathcomposer.exe /SP /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES
For more information on installation command line arguments click here.

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