Getting Started with Math Composer

Adding, Deleting, and Previewing Pages

Adding Pages to your Project:
Each project starts off with only 1 page.
You can add additional pages to a project by selecting Add Page from the Page Menu


Move between pages within a given project:
Click on the right and left arrows on either side of the page number box in the Composer Toolbar.


Delete a single page from a project:
To delete the page you are currently viewing, select Delete Page from the Page Menu

Preview a Page:
To preview an entire page of a project, select Preview Page from the Page Menu. This will allow you to view the current page.

When you have completed previewing a page, click on the Close button   in the upper right hand corner of the title bar and this will return you to the composer screen.

Note: You can only preview one page at a time. To preview multiple pages repeat this process for each page you want to preview.

Getting Started with Math Composer